Excel: Basic Training

Excel is the spreadsheet in MS Office suite. It is in the form of tables organized into rows and columns.

Target audience

This course is for people wishing to initiate the establishment of computer tables. Whether accounting or statistics, MS Excel spreadsheet is the best.


Acquire the tools to create and manage data in tables and graphs.




Excel Basic is based on theoretical Excel manual, but main part of the training is dedicated to practical exercises with personalized assistance from the trainer.


  • Environment (start and stop, windows)
  • File Management (opening and closing an Excel workbook, registration)
  • Using Excel (travel, selection, undo, redo, width, height, cut-copy-paste, copy, AutoComplete)
  • Handling a file (rename a sheet, delete the contents of a cell, deleting a sheet, move, add a row / column, deleting a row / column)
  • Formatting cells (character attributes, number formats, formatting, automatic formatting, copy the formatting)
  • Calculations (the four basic operations, AutoSum, core functions, assistant function)
  • The absolute reference
  • Function date (dates and times)
  • The IF function
  • Graphs (creation and modification of a graph)
  • Layout (layout table, margins, headers and footers)
  • The print (print preview, printing options)

Diploma / Certificate

A certificate is awarded upon completion of training "Excel: Basic"

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