Excel for finance Training

Excel allows to use not only standard functions but also integrates many financial functions which can speed up your calculations.

Target audience

Finance managers and consultants, sales managers, IT experts.


Understand how to use financial functions to perform quick calculations, including capital management, forecasting and Excel special advanced features.


Basic knowledge of the Excel functions.


The course includes financial and forecasting functions, supported by examples and exercises.


  • financial functions: npv, irr, xnpv, xirr, fv, pv,etc.      
  • What-If-Analysis                                            
  • forecasting functions: trend, linest, slope,forecast etc.   
  • using correlation                                           
  • linear and unlinear forecasting on charts, Intercept  
  • advanced VlookUp                             
  • iterative functions                   
  • logical functions vs countif(s)/sumif(s)                    
  • Sparklines                        
  • Creating dynamic dashboard  
  • Slicers and PivotCharts 

Diploma / Certificate

A certificate is awarded upon completion of training "Excel for finance"

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Krzysztof Rogoza

Krzysztof Rogoza

Krzysztof Rogoza is a VBA programmer and digital market research expert with experience including blue chip companies (Procter & Gamble, BASF, Wrigley), in finance, IT and market research.

Duration and Price

Durée: 2 séances (8 périodes)
Prix: CHF 1200.-
(group price)

Indice de satisfaction

5.82 sur 6 (3117 avis)

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