Social Selling - Linkedin  Training

Social selling is the use of social media to increase a company’s bottom line. LinkedIn is know for the most efficient platform for B2B sales.

Target audience

  • EXECUTIVES who need a professional online presence
  • HUMAN RESOURCES - who need a professional presence and want to recruit for their company
  • COMPANY CONSULTANTS - who want to stay up to date and show their expertise
  • SALES & MARKETING - they all need a professional online presence


In this training composed of 3 workshops, we will start building a strong Personal Brand. Then we will learn how to capture Sales Intelligence and create a Deep Network of Advocates. Finally, we will exercise to Listen for & to Engage for Opportunities.


Access to a LinkedIn account and a nice profile picture.


Hands-on training with theory support. Each trainee has access to a PC. 


  • Identify prospects that you would like to engage
  • Connect with prospects preferably asking a colleague for referral
  • Observe the prospect on social media
  • Use content to engage with the prospect and build rapport
  • Seal the deal by building trust then ask for the deal


Diploma / Certificate

A certificate is awarded upon completion of training "Social Selling - Linkedin "

Print version

Format PDF

Duration and Price

1 séance de 3h (4 périodes)
CHF 900.-

Satisfaction Index

5.78 on 6 (157 reviews)

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