Word: Basic Training

Microsoft Word is the word processing as used by the public and businesses. It allows you to write letters or other textual content effectively.

Target audience

This course is for anyone dealing with routine correspondence of a secretarial business or private purposes.


Mastering the basics of word processing. Manage character attributes and paragraph (withdrawals, tabs, borders, bullets, ...)




Word: basic is based on theoretical Word manual, but main part of the training is dedicated to practical exercises with personalized assistance from the trainer.


  • Environment (startup, toolbar, panel, etc.)
  • File management (opening, closing, recording new)
  • Manipulating text (input, undo, redo, move, select, delete, cut and paste)
  • Auditors (automatic corrections, spelling, automatic verification)
  • Attributes (bold, italic, underline, font, size, color, copy the formatting)
  • Paragraph attributes (alignment, indents, tabs, borders and shading, bullets and numbering)
  • Layout (margins, paper size and orientation)
  • Print (print preview, options)

Diploma / Certificate

A certificate is awarded upon completion of training "Word: Basic"

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